Zhengzhou good source Analytical Instruments Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production of grain and oil food testing equipment and production line automatic control system of high-tech enterprises, welcomed the new and old customers call us!
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  Zhengzhou Analytical Instruments Co. Ltd. is a technology enterprises, which good source of professional research and development, manufacturing all kinds of grain and oil quality and professionalism of measurement of grain and oil processing equipment, ancillary equipment and control equipment and.   Company of Henan University (formerly the Zhengzhou Grain College) and the most famous universities and scientific research institutes, gathered a large number of outstanding professional and technical personnel, which have a university degree or above accounted for more than 85% of the professors and professors 32% senior titles. And chemical analysis of long-term experience in food expert, Professor 3.   The company has developed advanced intelligence equipment, computer-aided design system and comprehensive technical information, development and production of grain and oil analysis with expertise in instrumentation and advanced process equipment capacity, and actively introduce foreign advanced technology and devices, and constantly develop China's national conditions and new products. The company has complete testing methods and advanced production management system. With flour Farinograph, multi-rheometer, high-performance line brightness meter, automatic kinematic viscosity meter, automatic meter oil smoke points, such as many national patents. Developed products excellent performance, excellent quality, the domestic leading position. Multiple products by the National Food Reserve as to pr
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